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Floor underlay between plywood and engineered wood, is it needed or not?

I've got quote for floor fitting from different people.
2 of them told me I don't need the underlay between flooring and plywood but other two told me that it is good to have as it acts as a moisture barrier and sound proof

Who is giving best advise?

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Hi. I would definitely Go for the underlay. For both reasons sound proof an Moisture barrier. There is a big difference between walking on floor with an without an underlay an underlay is definitely The better option. Thanks.


Answered 9th Aug 2019

Adding to above answer, underlay also takes out some of the imperfections on the floor so that the new covering does not bounce and split the joints.


Answered 9th Aug 2019

If it's a suspended floor then underlay between the existing and an engineered floor doesn't need an underlay however I would still use an underlay as it will dampen any movement sounds


Answered 27th Aug 2019

Hi. Underlay is always a good option to use as it reduces any imperfections in the sub floor levels and helps prolong the life expectations of the finished flooring.. It also makes the flooring more comfortable to walk on.. By giving a slight cushion effect... Which reduces noise levels too.. It reduces cold loss through solid sub floors and helps with damp air risk... Hope this helps


Answered 2nd Sep 2019

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