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Diverting water mains....

Does anybody have any experience in rough costs for diverting water mains please? we have one near our house, running through our garden, we would like to extend so am looking at the possibility of moving the mains to allow us to build (as we are currently looking to
invade the 3m no build zone otherwise)

any tips would be great - thanks

added info: thanks for the replies, it is actually a foul drain & rising water mains which serves the locality. I know I cannot do it myself, what I am trying to establish is whether it is best to build around it (3 metres away), or, whether it is worth investigating the water board moving the pipe to allow my proposed extension a bit more room.

I just wasn't sure if anyone had any experience of what kind of costs the water board would charge for moving such pipes, whether we are talking £2,000 or £20,000

thanks again

edit 2: for MR DESIGN

on my water survey here it says its the rising main & foul (so 2 pipes), and on the plan it goes through all of the houses gardens at some point. So it doesn't have to be anglian water who carry the work out, just an approved contractor?


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If you are talking about a water main serving the locality and not just your property this has to be done by a contractor approved by the water authority,regards Terry.Just to give you some idea, when I built my new house i had to get an approved contractor to onnect the foul drain, this was approx 2 metres into an unadopted road (no traffic lights etc ) and this cost me £2500 and took them 1 day, Terry


Answered 31st Mar 2011

Go to united utilities home page and search for how to lay a new water supply pipe. Full schematics will be given. Hope this helps.


Answered 31st Mar 2011

when you say water mains do you mean your water supply or do you mean you drains. as it is unlikely that the water mains would run through a side or back garden. if it is the main supply it is very easy to move. but usally you would build over if possible. its hard to say without more info.

more info
in regard to the foul drain, any builder can move the drain you will need building control approval. the plans for your extension will show the drains being moved. this would also be when you relocate you mains supply as well. thames water have nothing to do with it. they will not do any of the work, they at best will just give you permission if it turns out to be public. go get some plans made up your designer should deal with all this for you. from what you have said the only time you would get thames water involved is if you need to relocate the mains supply. then they usally dont do any work on yuor property just up to it.

more info
i havent worked with Anglian water but i would think it the same. if its a public sewer, first you would have to seek their approval by filling a form called 'building within 3m of a public sewer'. with this you supply plans. when you get permission you can get a contractor to do the work. you may have to make special arrangements about the rising main.


Answered 1st Apr 2011

If the mains is on your property and just feeding your house, then yes you can move the pipe work yourself.
You are responsible ffom the water boards stop tap to your property.
I couldnt give you a price as some water boards vary a bit on depths etc, ie between 600mm and 750mm.
You need to bed pipe on soft sand and surround.
We dont know the length of digging or if the ground is soft or hard, or if there is concrete to break through, you can always post your job on My Builder and get a few prices.


Answered 31st Mar 2011

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