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5m x 5m conservatory question

I would like a 5m x 5m conservatory, the plan being to link it up to my garage which i will be getting converted to a habitable space.

I have plenty of land so the 50% rule is not an issue but it is a semi detached house. I do not think i will take light off next door but guidelines do seem to say that 3m depth is the limit for a semi detached house.

is there any chance of this getting green lighted or should I give up before spending any money?


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Hi, the 3m rule is permitted building, a conservertory can go bigger but will
require planning permission, go into your local planning office and speak to
them about it, that's what they are there for, they are usually very helpfull.


Answered 6th Mar 2012

Hi M
3 meters is the permitted allowance of depth before planning is needed. We have acted as agents for our clients in the past on this matter and some get passed and some do not. The planner in charge of your case will take into consideration many details during a site visit. For instance if your neighbour but one has extended on the back and your jointing neighbour has not they will say that 5 m extension by yourself will cause a tunnelling effect for them. (Which we have tried to fight as a conservatory has a glass roof) but they do not understand this. Others we have submitted and got the green light, it all depends on the knowledge of the conservatory industry and planning authorities that the conservatory designer you use has. That way he can manipulate a conservatory design to suit and pass or tell you out right it has no chance.

Many Thanks


Answered 6th Mar 2012

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