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Please give me some advice how to clean up this garden. would really appreciate it thanks a lot.

I want to clean this garden up. I got some quotes to have all the concrete and bricks removed, however the quote is too high.

Any ideas?
I want it looking nice and tidy
I just want it cleaned up.

Appreciate your tips.

I got some images on this link:

Thanks a lot!

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A cost affective way to tidy an area is to lay a weed proof membrane then cover area in gravel.large crane bag will cover approx 20-25 m2 at around 25mm in depth if you are covering a large area you can randomly lay some paving slabs to break up the area.


Answered 4th Sep 2019

You could get a skip in or buy a hippo bag from ur local b&q or wikes


Answered 4th Sep 2019

I work in the garden business and have turned around people’s gardens at very low cost some people out there charge stupid amounts of money but maybe we could do something that wouldn’t cost you a arm or leg there’s lots of ideas to go forward thanks liz


Answered 4th Sep 2019


If you speak to Peter Cowell his website is
Say Samantha from SJR Architecture put you in touch - he will advise you.

Thank you


Answered 4th Sep 2019

I would suggest a new resin surface which providing the existing is fairly solid could be applied on top of existing concrete.
Here is a contact for you:
Good luck!


Answered 4th Sep 2019

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