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Bi fold doors advice

i'm looking to install bifold doors, I'm looking for advice on the best approach

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There are lots of things to consider with ordering By-folding doors
openng in -out
the way they stack
getting the cill height is crucial
any many other options etc


Answered 2nd Aug 2019

The recent rise in popularity of Bi- folding doors in this country has meant that more and more people are now enjoying their garden as an extension of their living space, unfortunately this has lead to a number of questionable installations carried out by unsuitable workmen.
As the previous respondents have stated, it would be wise to have a professional company come out to you and discuss your particular needs and requirements.

Having a friends mate come and carry out the work may be fine but are they able to provide you with public liability insurance cover, a ten year product guarantee, a CERTASS or FENSA sign off certificate to satisfy the local authority requirements upon completion?

To put this into perspective, we recently had a call from a Gentleman that needed a hinge replacing on a door, we we went out to inspect it and it turned out the door was damaged beyond repair and complete replacement was
neccesary, the door looked new (18 months) and when we enquired why he wasn't having the work carried under the installers guarantee, the Gentleman said that he had It done by a "handy" Guy who they now can't track down.


Answered 8th Aug 2019

get a pro to do it. will save you money in the future


Answered 7th Aug 2019

I would seek the advice of a professional. There are many things can go wrong if you don’t know what you are doing


Answered 9th Aug 2019

With bi-folding door I would strongly advise that avoid all uPVC yes they are cheeper but the problems you get with them is not worth the money you will save aluminium is the way forward far strongr and they operate so smoothly good manufacturers such as origin and schco Dukeman are 2 of the best out theres lots to consider so do your research


Answered 9th Aug 2019

Ok so what's the situation? Example what is existing .appature. wall out ... Lintels.. access ... Property type... Then have the job surveyed by manufactures to find out what options and styles are available.


Answered 12th Aug 2019

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