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How to find someone to do small window repair

Hi, How do I go about finding someone to do a few small repairs on my wooden bay window before it is painted. It needs two replacement end sills, and one lower wooden bead. Do I need someone experienced in windows as I've been told for example the bead needs to fitted, but not "pinched" which can cause the double glazing unit to fail. I presume I need a carpenter rather than a joiner and don't need a window fitter. Do I look up carpenters and ask them if they are experienced with window frames for example?

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Hi Jaguarsimon,

Yes as you said really, a competatnt carpenter or joiner could fix this for you. I say a joiner as these guys actually make timber/sash windows in there workshops and there fitter could have good experience of repairing them.

Also im not sure where you are but I live near brighton and theres lots of companys that specialise in the repair of timber windows. Im not sure if yours is a sash window or not but to be honest it probably doesnt matter as long as its timber, just search sash window repairs company in you area or versions off. Im sure some good companys will come up. your job on here (MY Builder) and im sure the trades confident of completing your job to a high standard will come to you.

I hope that helps.



Answered 2nd Aug 2019

If it is rot you are suffering with I would advise finding an approved contractor in repair care resin (generally a carpenter). You generally get a guarantee with the repairs too. If it is not rot then most competent carpenters should be able to assist you with this.


Answered 2nd Aug 2019

I am carpenter joiner and window fitter with references and qualifications to back it up


Answered 2nd Aug 2019

There are many who will tell you that its perfectly straightforward to replace the cill, but the repair won't last long as windows aren't built like that. Ive been a joiner for 40years and I'm not familiar with the term pinched however the beading has no impact on the gazing whatsoever, many fitters use bathroom silicone instead of proper good quality glazing silicone.


Answered 5th Aug 2019

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