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Is it possible to install walkway for drive over gravel grids

I have a drive which has gravel grid placed down and filled with gravel. I wanted to potentially install a path with tiles or paving slabs. The path would be 1m x 9m.

1. Could I install the paving slabs / tiles on the gravel grid? If so how?
2. If I wanted to install tiles (porcelain 10mm) on the gravel grid, do think I could drive on to the gravel and then over the tiles, without it cracking?
3. If the tiles, would likely break beacuse of vehicle dring over what would be the minimum thickness of paving that would be suitable for a car to drive over?


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Do not lay any slabs or tiles on the grid.
These are designed for aggregates and soil only.
If you put any rigid products on them they will crack and split this is sue to the plastic having a small amount of movement/flex


Answered 1st Aug 2019

If you are going to be driving over the foot path you would be best to remove the grid if paving as you would need a consolidated base, I would not recommend tiles if driving a vehicle over as tiles are not recommend for this you would be best to use a 50ml pavier.


Answered 1st Aug 2019

I wouldnt recomend the riles as they be likely to crack 50mm slabs would be fine on a bed of mortor or lay edgings and infil and screed with a sand and cement mix , best of luck with your project


Answered 1st Aug 2019

If you fill the grid with concrete where you want to lay slabs it will not move and should support your car .


Answered 5th Aug 2019

No I would take the plastic grids up so there is no chance of anything moving underneath


Answered 5th Aug 2019

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