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Oak veneer internal door

I am thinking to buy an oak veneer internal door to replace an old one. The problem is: the width of my existing door is 738-730 mm, door opening is 740 mm (top) and 732 mm (bottom). The door I'd like to buy is 762 mm width and can be trimmed up to 10 mm from each side, which would make 742 mm width of it. Will that be enough? Will fitting this door be realistic? Thanks a lot for your professional advices!

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My advice would be try and source one from another store,or have a joiner make you one from new, or buy the bigger size as suggested and reduce both sides so equal and re-lip door with lipping as supplied/glued /to door.hope this helps.


Answered 31st Jul 2019

Hello Natalia,

The suggestions from the gentleman above are good ones.

To give you another option however, it might be worth sourcing your door in metric sizes, i have done this in the past for homes on the southcoast when the frames have been different to the standard imperial sizes.

Heres the metric sizes:

2040 x 526/626/726/826/926 x 40mm.

If you purchased the 726mm door size you could simply pack out one side of the door frame with a new piece of timber and then comfortably trim the new door to size within the tolernaces. You might find this easier than potentially re lipping the door if you cut to much off.

I hope this helps,

Louis Meredith.


Answered 31st Jul 2019

Hi Natalia, only problem with a metric door is you will have to remove 29.5 of the top and bottom. Howdens do a 2ft4w ( 711mm)x 6ft6(1981). The architraves would need to be removed, cut between the head and1leg of the lining. Move leg to reduce spacing to allow a std 711 x 1981 door to be fitted, re atatch leg using pocket hole screws, pack out space between wall and lining aprox 29mm make sure both legs are plumb re fit architraves. Now you can fit your std 711 x 1981 door with only monor adjustment to the door. Iv done this many times over the years its not as complicated as it seems.
Adjustment to the door lining is far cheaper than having a joiner build you a bespoke door. Hope this is helpful.


Answered 12th Aug 2019

Another possibility is to buy a 686mm wide door and have a joiner add an extra lipping to both sides.
This will also give you a bigger margin for planning it in to suit the frame.


Answered 1st Aug 2019

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