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Are my garage doors for for purpose ?

Hi, I’ve had garage doors made/fitted by a joiner 2.8m x 2.1m approx 3 months ago. He made them ledge & brace (not ‘framed’) using 16x2cm soft wood planks (not T&groove). The planks shrank and there were upto 1-2mm gaps between them (largest 4mm gaps) .. enough to see into garage .. I complained & he caulked the gaps .. which obviously got squeezed out .. now he has gorilla glued the gaps (foam type and sanded back). There were other basic issues now fixed but have caused loss of confidence & to me they remind me of barn doors. He now wants final payment & has said this will resolve the problem but I believe the glue will get crushed out, that the planks will warp, the doors droop/drop (but on this last point there are big 60cm galvanised hinge arms to stop that) ... I’ll be back to having gaps/problems & the doors won’t last the 10-15 years minimum I’d expect. Can you tell me if I am wrong, will glueing the gaps this way work, and should pay up or how else I can get an unbiased/independent 2nd opinion .. thank you in advance

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First of all the guy did an unprofessional job out of lack of experience. T&G groove is so that if it shrinks, there won’t be a gap, I would glue the T&G grooves for better quality.
If something wasn’t done from the get go then they shouldn’t have done it in the first place.
It seems he is trying to learn as he goes along, not having a clue.


Answered 30th Jul 2019

What I would have used was treated timber for out door use used tongue and groove boards for expansion purposes and I would used a mortise and denning joint which would have allowed for some expansion
I would have put 3 heavy duty hinges on each gate
It seems you stuck with what you ve got
I always make and show a plan first
Regarding payment it’s going to cost you
To have the gates altered any way so it entirely up to you !


Answered 30th Jul 2019

It's simple. You didn't get what you had contracted for and therefore he shouldn't be paid until he has provided what you wanted.


Answered 30th Jul 2019

All sheeted ledged and braced doors should be made up with t and g timber. And braced together 150mmx50mm timber or there abouts. Using a router also so as braced frame and tongue and groove finish flush


Answered 1st Aug 2019

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