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Number of outer doors needed.

I am thinking of converting part of my house into an annex. This would be on 2 stories, but only have 1 outer door. Do building regulations allow only 1 outer door ? Thank you.

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Dear Sir,

Planning permission may be required to convert the house into the annex. It may apply, also, for the outer door as it changes one of the elevations of the house. In order to give you a proper assessment you would need someone to see the property or the plans of the house.



Answered 28th Jul 2019

I have designed and built an annexe.
Planning permission will be required for two-storey and you would be ok with just one outer door, however for means of escape you should have an internal door communicating with the main house.
Also the bedroom window would need to have the correct opening casement dimensions to be classed as an escape window.
Building Regs will also require a hard wired fire detection.


Answered 28th Jul 2019


This depends:

If your in reality extending your home then no you do not need a 2nd door (entrance) as long as you still have a front and rear or a form of an escape window (with correct dimensions).
However if the annex is going to be completely separate and shut off from the main dwelling then you will need an entrance. It can get a bit complicated as planning will be needed and regs. The council may see this as a separate dwelling and charge council tax.
It really depends on what your doing exactly either way planning will be needed if it’s two stories - contact us for more help and advice.

Thank you


Answered 29th Jul 2019

Yes, building regs allow only one outer door. However this will also require planning permission as it is making alterations to the exterior of the building.


Answered 31st Jul 2019

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