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Favourite combi boiler

If installing a combi boiler in a 2/3 bedroom house with one bathroom what is your favourite boiler to install? Taking cost, ease of installation, maintenance, and reliability for the customer into consideration.

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I prefer vaillant get five year guarantee plus no noise light weight easy installation comes a++


Answered 28th Jul 2019

Worcester all day long. By far the best. After sales is first class as well.


Answered 28th Jul 2019

Hi vaillant eco tech plus 32 kw combi boiler is Great. If you use their own filter like (magna cleanse )which cost you £120 you can have 10 years warranty...
Great performance..


Answered 28th Jul 2019

worcester bosch allways every time.


Answered 28th Jul 2019

Glow worm and vokera are flexible for flue location, all boilers are similer except Intergas with one heat exchanger. 24kw is plenty.


Answered 28th Jul 2019

Hi, I am registered with Veissman, Worscester Bosch, Grant and Biasi so there's a range of both Oil and Gas Boiler Makers. Viessman and Worcester Bosch are the Rolls-Royce of the market and Biasi are bargain basement but I have had no complaints for my Biasi boiler in last 5 years.
To answer your question, I recommend a Greenstar Compact 30CSi Worscester Bosch Combi. Easy Installation, Compact so you can hide kit in a standard kitchen wall cupboard, very reliable, modulation burner so will only use the gas when you call for hot water quickly and has the power to provide it to your bath/shower AND kitchen sink at the same time. Go to low on the Kw and the boiler will struggle with two outlets simultaneously. When fitted with a W-Bosch Greenstar filter its 10 year warranty and can be extended further for £70.

Question for you?
Do you need a Combi due to lack of space for a hot water cylinder or because everyone tells you you have to have a Combi? Combi's were great for landlords ripping walls down to make 4 apartments out of one house, where space was at a premium, with tiny rooms and no storage space. They are not the most efficient use of gas. A standard boiler of much less Kw will heat an insulated cylinder in a vert short time from scratch. When you have your heating on the hot water is almost a cheap by-product. A tank full of piping hot any time, will supply two or three outlets simultaneously and hour gas bill will be substantially less. eg, a Worcester Bosch 12,15 or 18Ri or even will be more than enough to heat a three bed house versus 30kw for instant hot water. (the Kw required is governed by your house efficiency. Draughty older house the higher the heat loss). Also, sorry if I am harping on, with a hot cylinder, IF you are inclined to go green, a roof panel will heat your cylinder so your boiler will only top it up now and then or if you don't have much sunshine for a period of time. Last but not least, IF your boiler stops, you can heat your water temporarily by electricity until one of us pops round and sparks your boiler back into life.
Food for thought,
John F


Answered 28th Jul 2019

Worcester Bosch or ideal are the ones to go for,never any problems if fitted correctly and with all the manufacturers add ons(filter and thermostat),it'll get you a longer warranty


Answered 30th Jul 2019

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