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We have just fitted tiles in our kitchen and now the kickboards won't fit. Who do we need to hire to fix this?

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Answered 27th Jul 2019

A carpenter or kitchen fitter


Answered 27th Jul 2019

Kickboards simply need to be cut down. Very simple fix that i have done dozens of times.


Answered 27th Jul 2019

There is a few options
Use jigsaw to scribe to tiles
Use electric planer to shape if the floor
Use hanndsaw if your good at it to fit neat
Once those are done I would use clear silicone right across to keep it sealed and no damage


Answered 27th Jul 2019

Plinths just need a bit cutting off the top to get them back on...real easy job and a carpenter or handyman should be able to get this sorted for you!


Answered 27th Jul 2019

A carpenter


Answered 27th Jul 2019

This is a job a carpenter can do for you with no problem ,


Answered 27th Jul 2019

Small job which might suit a handy person or try to hire a carpenter.


Answered 28th Jul 2019

A carpenter will be able to solve this for you.


Answered 28th Jul 2019

You need to hire a carpenter to reduce the height of the kick boards and seal the cut edge against any moisture, then reinstall kick boards


Answered 30th Jul 2019

If the tiles have been layed correctly you should be able just to rip the plinths down. Anybody with a little bit of carpentry/Joinery knowledge should be perfectly capable of doing this.


Answered 1st Aug 2019

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