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Tarmac or asphalt on a concrete road.

All neighbours except us have paid a contractor to cover over a very bad condition concrete road.Damaged concrete has not been removed but a coat of around one inch of i presume asphalt has been laid over it.I refused to have mine done and am getting major grief from them!.It was laid by hand but doesn't look right.Will this last?.This is a private street.

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Tarmac ash felt is a roofing material


Answered 26th Jul 2019

No it won't last they should of done one of two things ,either take the concrete up completely or if it's only cracked concrete spray it with a d40 liquid tar then it would last


Answered 27th Jul 2019

This is a quick papering over the cracks would only be a temporary solution will not be a long term fix


Answered 27th Jul 2019

You have made the correct choice by not having your drive done, if the surface underneath these newly tarmaced driveways is poor the newly laid tarmac will not last very long at all. We would never resurface over a concrete driveway that is in poor condition I hope this helps you


Answered 27th Jul 2019

On a cracked or damaged concrete base it’s is all ways best to break out and remove the damaged areas and rebase with a MOT type 1 sub -base , it must be compacted to form a solid base ,
Then you apply a k140 bitumen Tac coat before laying the new tarmac surfaces


Answered 28th Jul 2019

Should of been dug out and 50ml base 30ml topping applied

cracks will transfer over time.


Answered 28th Jul 2019

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