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Problem with pcv window

I have an issue with PCV window. I can't close it properly or open it in the certain way as the handle become stuck. It look like the metal bits that bloke the window and manage it to open in certain way loosen up and need to be adjust again. Could anyone help? Thanks

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Sounds like you need to get a quote for a new lock mechanism, or take a photo and take it into your nearest window supplier they will point you in the right direction sounds like a really easy fix.


Answered 25th Jul 2019

This could be a simple fix, but also depends on the state of the frames , if they are older and possibly out of shape then replacing hinges and possibly locks could solve the immediate problem but maybe just delaying replacing the whole unit. If the thermal performance is still good and security is not compromised then worth trying the budget fix.


Answered 25th Jul 2019

YES I agree but It really down to the age of the existing window and the cost of a new one against a repair cost.
Some times its more cost effective in the long term. All new windows are energy rated and internally beaded and more secure


Answered 27th Jul 2019

If you can't open the window but can clearly see that part of the handle is broken, it could be a case of simply replacing the handle if you can remove the two screw covers, remove the handle and replace with a new one, just a thought.


Answered 28th Jul 2019

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