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Removal of asbestos water tank

In our loft we have a water tank which I think is made from asbestos cement. It is no longer in use and I think it has been left up there when a previous owner installed a new heating system. I would like to remove it but the problem is that it is too big to fit through the loft hatch. Is it possible to safely break down the tank to remove it or would I need to cut a hole in the ceiling and joists to remove it?

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I would say best thing to do would be to get a sample taken and tested so you know for sure that it is or isn't asbestos. Then if the sample comes back positive for asbestos get a trained person to come have a look and and give you a better idea of what needs doing. Hope this helps and good luck.


Answered 25th Jul 2019

Your asbestos would need to be removed by a professional and disposed of in the correct way you should not try and do this work yourself but contact the correct experts !


Answered 25th Jul 2019

You don't even need to have it tested because they state it on the side of the tank that they are Asbestos,
Get an Asbestos removal company in for removal,


Answered 13th Sep 2019

As stated before, the best thing his to have it tested. Don’t take chances with asbestos. Once the test results come back you will be able to either engage a registered asbestos removal specialist or another clearance contractor if the results come back clear.


Answered 28th Jul 2019

My company can send a licensed and trained member of staff to safely take a sample of the water tank. The sample will be sent to a lab for testing and a report sheet will be issued detailing what the sample is. If the sample proves to be asbestos it will tell us what asbestos material it is and then what action needs to be taken to remove it safely. My company can supply a quote to have licensed asbestos trained staff to safely remove the asbestos tank upon the lab report.We can also supply a quote should the tank be non asbestos.


Answered 6th Aug 2019

Hi, a common problem we see on a weekly basis! Old asbestos tanks were fitted prior to ceilings and loft hatches going in so most are too big to fit back down the loft hatch.
As a rule, they should not be broken up to be removed. Mostly we wrap them in 1000g polythene, mark as asbestos and leave them in the loft space. However, asbestos regulations allow you to wrap them in a double layer of 1000g polythene after dampening it with surfactant for controlled breakage if you wanted it removed (CAR2012 regulations)
I hope that helps you


Answered 11th Sep 2019

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