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What is the best known brand for a smart lock for the front door? Also, do you know if these smart locks work with Alexa?

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Yale conexis is a reliable lock. If you buy the correct module to go in it (3 available ) you can then link it to a smart things hub which will then link to Alexa or your phone via the Yale app


Answered 24th Jul 2019

Paxton is a very good quality brand you could have a switch 2 which you program a code and access via a 4-5 digit code and the keypad releases a mag lock or release a mechanical door keep for time set usual 7 seconds

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J Thomas
Leaf security


Answered 27th Jul 2019

In my opinion the Samsung smart lock is better. Cooperates with Alexa and other plus you can open the doors with Your phone(NFC must be active)


Answered 5th Aug 2019

I don't like smart locks. I've had to gain entry several times on a Yale smart lock as the lock has failed and access has been sometimes difficult and can be costly.


Answered 5th Aug 2019

Yale Conexis L1 is a good one.
They used to have a model with a keypad, but has been discontinued.

Conexis L1 by default connects to your phone using Bluetooth, but you there are modules to connect it to a ZWave smart home network, WiFi network and Yale alarm systems (only one module can be installed).
The integration with Alexa requires additional hardware - such as Samsung SmartThings hub.

I like a lot Danalock v3, which works with European cylinders. Again, it works by default with Bluetooth. It is fitted on top of your existing lock, which is not replaced.


Answered 5th Oct 2019

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