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Door safety locks on amazon

We are thinking about upgrading our security at home and are wondering if door level locks or a bar is more safe and durable? Also, which brands would you recommend? Is diyife a trustworthy brand?

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It would depend on what use and where the lock is will depend as I need more information to make a decision on best method.

Also diyife is basically just a company brand that they buying locks from somewhere and putting there label on product it’s known as White Labelling however what you want make sure it complies with BRitish Standards for your home insurance to be valid.


Answered 24th Jul 2019

Hi when thinking about security, you have to take into consideration the type of door, the frame, the style of door, and where the door is located, always choose kite marked and insurance approved locks 3 lever or five,or Chubb, Yale, do research into each one,
I example door I have consists of a Yale lock security chain, and a five lever key lock all insurance approved and kite marked, they are also security screws with two “ screws and your budget is key the more you spend the better quality products you can have and you will get the certificates with the locks for your insurance.


Answered 15th Aug 2019

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