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My house is pebbledashed, can this be rendered over? Is it a straightforward job? Or does the pebbledashing have to be removed first?

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Personally I'd remove the pebble dash because another coat would put a lot of strain on the first coat and adhesive holding it, and after six months cracks would appear, take it down to brick it does take time but well worth it in the long run as this could show any underlying brick problems too, hope this helps, thanks


Answered 5th Mar 2012

There are a few options here. You could invest in your property a little more than you where probably thinking is said to pay itself back after 15 years however it is an investment for the future and and have the entire outside insulated and mechanically pinned followed on by a render and anti crack mesh system to prevent any future damage caused to the property. What this also does is give your property a real modernized look and cuts down your heating bills. Or the other option is to render and mesh coat the property without the insulation boards and then finish off with the colour top coat. So yeah you can go straight over if you wished


Answered 7th Mar 2012

best thing to do is remove old render/pebble dashing back to bare brick and mesh coat safe you alot of money in long run hope that helps


Answered 13th Mar 2012

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