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Is it necessary to sweep a chimney liner for a wood burner and if so do I need to ensure it has a special 'hatch' or can they go in through the wood burner door?

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Yes a liner must be swept, many stoves have removable baffles and the line can be swept though the stove but some do not and sweeping access must be provided


Answered 23rd Jul 2019

Hi, I’m not actually Heatas approved, but from what I can understand, you would undo the flue pipe, from the top of the burner, and push the brush up the flexible flue from the bottom of the flue pipe.
The registration plate, should have a square hole cut into it on one side, say 8 inches square, once removed this opening would allow any soot, twigs, birds nest etc to be hovered out.

I deal mainly with open fireplaces, where a normal class one flue is used.

I hope this helps.

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Answered 23rd Jul 2019

Yes it is necessary. In fact if you check your house insurance it’s usually a requirement. ( make sure you use a registered sweep and get a certificate to say it’s been done )
No you don’t need a soot door. They can sweep it from the wood burner usually


Answered 23rd Jul 2019

As with all solid fuel appliances you should sweep at least once a year it also depends on the type of wood you are burning as this may require more sweeping ie soft wood.

Most modern appliances are able to be swept through and would reccomend getting a NACS assured chimney sweep to do it correctly

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Oxon stoves


Answered 23rd Jul 2019

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