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Asbestos in buildings

Are we still using asbestos in UK building work?

Just wanting to know as we have a corrugated shed which was built only 5 years ago and it looks like it could be Asbestos

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If it’s defiantly only 5 years old then it will not be asbestos but a modern looks life without the harmful fibres

But as with anything that you suspect to be asbestos and can’t positively identify get a second opinion from a expert as it becomes harmful once broken up and the very small fibres get inhaled

If in doubt get it checked out


Answered 23rd Jul 2019

Hi There,

It is highly unlikely that it is asbestos as it has been prohibited for use in building materials since 1989 - however if there is a chance that the builder used any reclaimed materials then it is possible, I would imagine that the chance of this being the case is very low. If in doubt you could always speak to the builder and ask them what materials were used.


Answered 23rd Jul 2019

if the shedwas errected within the last 5 years it is doubtfull it is asbestos but is probably fibre cement sheets.


Answered 23rd Jul 2019

If your buildng is 5 years old it will definitely not contain asbestos 1979 they slowly phased out asbestos production and in 1999 all asbestos was banned in england. Corrugated concrete fibre board Is still widely used in england and to the eye looks like asbestos


Answered 4th Aug 2019

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