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What is the best glue to put between plywood and joists?

Do i need a glue that becomes foamy or what to put when fixing the structural plywood sheets on top of joists

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Expandable polyurethane ideal.PU D4 .


Answered 23rd Jul 2019

You shouldn't glue boards to the joist.
The foam will fell out after couple years.
The wood need some natural movement so just screw it down


Answered 24th Jul 2019

You donot have to have to glue it just screw it


Answered 24th Jul 2019

I agree with the other 2 joiners you don’t need to glue stuff if it’s fixed with the right amount of screws

If you not sure what you are doing don’t DIY call a skilled trade to do it properly in the first place


Answered 25th Jul 2019

In my experience there is no need for a foaming glue this can be more trouble than its worth. A good quality pva wood glue will suffice.


Answered 29th Jul 2019

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