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Single story extension, leicester

I am looking into putting a single storey extension with a sloping roof on the rear of my property to extend the dining area. The size would be around 3x3m which I believe would come under permitted development. I would like the room itself plastered and finished ready for decoration, with two double sockets, all skirting and laminate flooring laid ( I will provide laminate to match the existing ) There would not be much wall to knock through as there is a patio door which I want to keep, so that would just need moving back.

What is the first stage for an extension like this? Do I get an architect to draw up plans then get builders quote?

How much should I pay an architect for these plans?

I would rather pay a fixed price rather than a percentage for the plans.

I would like as much advice before starting as possible.

Thanks, Dan

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Always get plans drawn up first, otherwise the builder has nothing fixed to quote so cannot possibly offer an accurate price. If they do offer a price it will always be subject to change once you actually get building regs plans drawn etc.

We are based in Leeds and would normally charge £450 for plans on an extension this size. Prices will vary but on a small figure like that I should imagine there isn't too much variation due to location.

Before getting any quotes be sure to list exactly what you want listing in the quote so that any quotes you compare will include the same items. for example:

- Kitchen fitting (if a kitchen will be affected) is the cost of supply and fit included? Choose the kitchen first. We have accoutns with all the big suppliers and most (decent) builders will be the same.

- Bathroom fitting (as above).

- Landscaping/ making good of affected areas in the garden once job is complete

- Waste disposal - are you paying or is this to be added on at end of project

Any good builder will give some detail of what is and what isn't included and all of the above should be discussed anyway. It's the ones who don't bother to discuss these things and then say they 'didn't know you expected that to be in the price at the beginning' - that you need to look out for.

If you one quote misses out any of the above you could be talking about instant price variations of thousands. This will mean you can't get a clear picture of what you are expecting to pay in the end.

Don't jump at the cheapest price. If something is much cheaper there's always a reason.

Like I always say to customers: You don't get a new BMW 3 series for the price of a new Ford Escort. Or another favourite of mine: You don't get fish and chips for the price of chips. The same applies to construction.

Good luck.

Answered 6th Mar 2012

Degan Building Services Ltd

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Plans drawn and approved then builders to quote in accordance to your plans.What you pay for your drawings will depend on who you use!

Answered 4th Mar 2012

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

if you look on planing were you live if there are any extension in your street like what you are looking to have done if they are new planes they will still comply with building regs and you can down load a copy just check the sizes are the same as your property then you will have somthing to go on you can also use them planes ,but any steel will need steel calcs doing a must for building control hope this is of help to you

Answered 15th Mar 2012


Member since 11 Jun 2008

In order to get an accurate price prepared you need something which describes in as much detail as possible what your intentions are. This would ideally be plans, sections and elevations but for a simple extension such as this could equally be a written description- much as you have done but with more detail such as
- external materials (tiles, bricks etc): under permitted development these should match the existing house
- size and type of doors or windows- again these should match existing
- are there roodlights? If so number & size (Velux website is helpful for this)
- rainwater goods: profile, material, colour etc
- size of internal opening to existing house and extent of any demolition
- type and number if internal fittings- lights, radiators, sockets, switches etc.

If you produce a schedule like this you can get comparative quotes and this can also form the basis of a brief to get a price for subsequent drawings for building regulations and construction. For a simple job such as this you should definitely be able to get a fixed price quote- please contact us if you are still looking for someone.

Answered 17th Mar 2012

Only Extensions Ltd

Member since 17 Mar 2012

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