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Broken bannisters

Moving into a new house recently one of the movers dropped a bed frame and cracked one of the wooden bannister struts.
I would like to replace it, but I don't know where to begin - can a carpenter measure up another strut and create a replacement that will match the rest, or will I have to replace everything?

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Yes it’s pretty straight forward to make a new one from stock timber


Answered 18th Jul 2019

Struts are basically all the same with a few different design features Should be easily sourced from a building supplier and replaced without redoing all struts


Answered 23rd Jul 2019


I would say it depends on how old they are and if there still available to buy. I mean you might be able to get one copied by a lathe worker which might be cheaper than buying new balustrade!



Answered 18th Jul 2019

Yes anything can be fixed


Answered 19th Jul 2019

Yes, one can be made up. There's no need to replace everything.


Answered 22nd Jul 2019

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