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I have a storage heater that smells of paraffin, monray domestic services answered a previous question fom somebody else by saying it was the resin breaking down. what resin is this?

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Paraffin type smell usually caused by airborne solvents in contact with the hot core. The solvent breaks down into its simplest form, a paraffin.Normally fume problems are present when decorating has been carried out, due to the use of solvents or thinners. Sometimes even caused when a neighbor has been decorating nearby. Use of aerosol polishes and air fresheners for example are another cause. On older storage heaters the smell can be produced when the unit overheats. The reason for the overheating should be checked by a service engineer.


Answered 15th Apr 2011

Old Storage heaters have resin wool insulation surrounding the bricks. When this breaks down, you get a paraffin smell. More modern ones, have no resin or low resin wool insulation, as quoted underneath the link below. Feel free to look for yourself.
When the resin wool insulation breaks down, you won't get rid of the smell even if you change elements, etc.
The controls are conveniently positioned on top of the storage heater. Once the required settings are selected no further adjustment is necessary. The unit features a manual adjusting input charge controller, room temperature boost control and front grille for efficient heat distribution, the unit is suitable for domestic or commercial use.

The storage heater stores heat in bricks surrounded by low resin wool insulation and has sheathed elements. The unit has a thermal cut-out with a manual reset control.


Answered 2nd Apr 2011

a&m have answered this question in great detail and what they have said is what i would have said well done not every one can as precise in discribing this regards lewis for amber heating and plumbing


Answered 27th Apr 2011

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