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Can i remove a continuous internal wall on ground floor and upper floor?

I'm looking at a property that's on the market and I have a question about structural engineering.

Within the house there is a 3.16m wall (separating dining room and sun lounge/parlour). Directly above this is another wall separating two upstairs rooms.

The wall in the dining room already has a sliding door in it (approx 2.5m across) so I'm assuming there is already a supporting beam in place above it.

My question is: If I wanted to remove both walls (IE to open out dining room plus sun lounge into one room, and open out the two upstairs rooms into one room) is this possible hypothetically?

Obviously I'll get in a structural engineer to make a final decision and calculate the correct size of beams etc but I just wondered if it's even possible to do this...

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You would need to check how the roof spans to see if it rests on this wall. As you say a structural engineer is your best bet.


Answered 18th Jul 2019

You need to check three main areas:
First - are the first floor joists supported by this wall?
Second - do the roof or the attic floor joists rest on this wall?
Third - does this wall act as a brace or windpost to the outer walls of the house?
It is essential for you to get a written opinion from a qualified strructural engineer.
You should also submit a building control application as you will want a building inspector to oversee the work and confirm that it has been properly carried out.
This is essential as you will need a completion certificate from building control when you come to sell your house.


Answered 22nd Jul 2019

Yes it is possible but without looking at the property or a set of plans its difficult to give much information on how to do this correctly. There are many factors which need to be considered to be able to design the appropriate support for the building as whole, you may need more than just RSJs to support the building from removing these walls.


Answered 18th Jul 2019

Yes this is possible. There are many considerations that have to be taken into account though. For example:

Is the wall upstairs supporting any of the roof loads?
How will the removal of the walls affect the lateral stability of the house?
Will other support structures need to be added?

As you’ve said, a structural engineer will be able to determine this and provide you with more details


Answered 18th Jul 2019


The roof may impose loads on this wall. Also the floor joists may from either side.

It is also possible that this wall provides a buttressing effect to provide lateral support to the external walls.

You would need to ensure that once the walls were removed there was sufficient wall left at either end to support the beams.

We would draw this up and submit to our structural engineer for design calculations and checks.

I trust this helps.

All the best


Answered 22nd Jul 2019

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