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Ac in winter - is it cheaper than gas boiler to run?

Thinking to get an AC for my flat (quite good insulation and efficiency) - is running AC on heating in winter cheaper than running a Gas boiler or should I just stick to cooling down AC? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated

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Air conditioning is cheaper to run than gas boiler. Also electricity is now classed a renewable energy. You may want to think about a grant for solar panels as well, you would effectively be getting your heating and cooling for nothing.


Answered 16th Jul 2019

Although not an expert, I was surprised by the answers to your question above. Although AC uses a heat-pump principle rather than direct heating elements (which is less efficient), I'm surprised there is much difference between AC and GAS as Gas is so much cheaper per Joule of energy. If there is not much in it then it would be probably more down to other factors such as the costs of purchase / maintenance of each system, the heating effect (radiators or blown air) and convenience. Im also not sure of the statement that the colder it is outside the cheaper it is to heat inside. Surely if its a heat pump principle there is a bigger temperature gradient to overcome when its colder outside than there is when its not, in the limit, when its warm outside you don't need it on at all!
I'll wait to be corrected :-) .....


Answered 25th Jul 2019

I’m also very surprised by the answers above. I would stick to gas. The outlay for solar panels and heat pumps is fairly big in the first place. If electric is classed as renewable energy, why don’t we all get a discount when we have not got solar panels etc. A/C for cooling also is pricey taking into account initial lay out cost, maintainability, and running cost. I’m no expert by any means, just adopting a bit of common sense to it. I also await to be shot down in flames.


Answered 31st Jul 2019

Yes AC is cheaper in winter . as the unit on the outside of the building need to get cold and the inside unit becomes a heater , so the colder the outside the more heat you get for little pennies.
That's the easiest way to explain it.


Answered 17th Jul 2019

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