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Joists blocking

I am renovating my first floor and before putting new subfloor I'd like to put blocks between joists to strengthen the floor and avoid bouncing and shaking.
What screws should I use to secure properly the blocks between the joists?

Thanks in advance

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Hi if i'm reading what your asking correctly then what you are wanting to do is install solid noggins between the joist, I install these a row at each end and @ 600 centres between each row, I use 1000mm wire nails to the top and bottom of alternate side so you end up with 4 nails in each noggin and if you also install some lateral restraint straps to the wall and along the first 2 noggins @1800 centres ( or every 3rd row of noggins then you will have a sound and solid structure to install your floors upon.

Good luck with your project.

Speak soon


Answered 12th Jul 2019

If your using screws to fix the noggins then you shouldn't really go below a 5mm screw and at least a 100mm length. The numbers on the box will look like this 100mm x 5.0.


Answered 13th Jul 2019

Screws would be better as they will hold more scure


Answered 19th Jul 2019

The person that answered the question,has stated to use 1000mm fixings,it should read,100mm nails,apart from that the previous statement is correct.


Answered 23rd Jul 2019

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