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Hi, when i let the water out of the bath i can hear dripping in the kitchen wall and there is a terrible smell that lingers a while. is the bath waste pipe likely to have come loose?

the pipes are all hidden inside the wall, which was previously the outside wall but now has a kitchen extension on it. the pipes are dry as far as the wall in the bathroom so i am assuming the problem is inside the wall or ceiling area. will a plumber be able to sort this out easily or will it involve ripping holes in my kitchen ceiling? if this is the case how much roughly should i expect to pay? i havent got a clue and dont want to be ripped off!


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It is most likely that one of the compression joints in the waste has come loose. it is an easy fix once the joint in question has been located. Getting to the problem will involve either going through the bathroom floor or kitchen ceiling. going via the floor would be more cost effective as it would not require re-plastering. cost wise the job will probably be between £80-£120 if no plastering is needed.

Answered 3rd Mar 2012

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Hi Sharon, yes it sounds like the pipe has come adrift in the wall and yes you will need to make holes to access. As a plumber i would charge roughly £100 to repair pipe but then you would need to repair and re-plaster after and that cost would depend on how big the room is/how much damage is required to access.

Hope this helps.

Answered 3rd Mar 2012

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Answered 3rd Mar 2012

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It sounds unlikely that the leak is above your kitchen ceiling if you don't have damp patches visable. If the pipes are dry under the bath then is sounds likley that the leak is behind the walls. Unfortunatly, that does mean making some holes in the walls to locate the leak, then a larger hole (about 12 inches square) to gain access to make the repair. If you can get a plumber who will use a small flexible camera that can be poked through a small 1cm hole, this will reduce much of the damage as the leak will hopefully be located exactly and the right sized and placed hole could be made.

One other possibilty it could be is the kitchen waste pipe has become disconnected from the down pipe from the bath if they are located above each other. When you empty the bath, some water is escaping into the kitchen, however, you would be expecting some damp to be showing in the kitchen floor

It should take no more than 1/2 a day to locate, access and repair the leak. A plasterer to repair the hole, again, no more than 1/2 days labour and materials.
Rates vary upon where you live in the country, but wouldn't expect to pay more than £ 300 maximum

Hope this helps

Answered 4th Mar 2012

Aztec Bathrooms

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To get to the pipes im afraid part of your cieling will have to come down ,if its just waste that not been glued or screwed tight enough aint gonna cost a fortune ,better getting a multi trader this way he should be able to rip down,fix pipe and patch cieling,but in my view its worth paying the extra for a full re-skim as you always notice patch repairs,but up to you and what your budget allows ,patch and fix expect to pay 200-250 all inc ,fix and full re-skim expect to pay 400-450

Answered 3rd Mar 2012


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