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We are mid way through a purchase of a 1920s house in need of a bit of love. The kitchen consists of a cupboard and a sink. We initially thought of knocking through a pantry and outside cupboard, turning the outside loo around with a new door from the entrance hall. We have a builder who has explained the costs of RCJs etc and ready to go but I am not convinced that there isnt a better layout for down stairs. I dont want any plans drawn up I just want to pay someone to come to the house and give me inspiration as to how I can fit everything I want into the house. Is it an architect I need? I even think it may be beneficial to swop kitchen and dining room around. I need some vision! Thank you.

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you need a good building contractor who has numerous structural alterations under his belt like myself ,weve done most and they all work regards open plan living,or you could employ a living space designer at mucho dinero,again us builders should charge for our consultations and design info,these guys get paid a fortune living designers my a**,no better consultant than the 1 that carries out the job in my oppinion


Answered 2nd Mar 2012

If you are looking at knocking out walls and installing RSJ's then you at least need the input of a structural engineer to advise on the size required as this would have to be submitted for building regulations. If an architect is required for drawing up plans for this submission then he would be able to advise as well on the layout and a good one will be able to maximise the space that you have efficiently.


Answered 6th Mar 2012

A good architectural designer should be able to do exactly what you need- they will quickly assess the space and present you with options of how to maximise it's potential. In order to convey this properly to you and others it may be necessary to prepare at least some sketch plans though. An option you could consider is to survey the property yourself and prepare an existing plan- the designer could then quickly sketch ideas over this base drawing- they could even do this remotely in theory. Depending on the scope of works you may find a Building Regulations application is required as the previous respondent has pointed out.


Answered 17th Mar 2012

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