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Constructing a mono pitched roof with an angled wall

I am planning an extension and would like to change the flat roof to a mono pitched roof from a wall to an angled wall.

The approximate dimensions for the flat roof are:
4800mm long, 1900mm wide and 2050 mm wide.

it looks a bit like the irregular shape here:

Is it possible to have a pitched roof in the above area? i.e. by allowing 150mm soffit at the narrow end (garden side).

Here are the drawing of the extension plan (instead of the roof lantern, we want do a pitched roof with Velux windows) :

back of the house:
First Floor:
Ground Floor:

Thanks in advanced for your time.

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without seeing a diagram of the roof, I assume the building is on the rake, Iwill mean either cutting the eaves cousre or the top edge couse on a rake to accomodate the difference in rafter length.

Many thanks.



Answered 9th Jul 2019

The shape is not the problem as a diminishing eave can solve that. The real question, is do you have enough pitch? Most tiles only go down to 17 degrees.


Answered 9th Jul 2019

What you require is easily doable providing you get a competent joiner/roofer
Thanks Leo


Answered 9th Jul 2019

Hi brad roofer

You will need a good Chippy to build the timber works and the pitch needs to be 12 degrees and above
Bigger the pitch the better it will be for tile coverings


Answered 13th Jul 2019

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