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Extending first floor joists

I am buying a house and in order to have an upstairs bathroom will be changing the stairs from L to U shape and making one bedroom slightly smaller, in order to do this part of where the staircase is now will need to become floor for the new bathroom. I am worried about how this will be done, will holes need to be cut into the wall or can a beam/joist be secured to this wall then joists put on this and attached to the current joists? Thank you for any answers.

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There is a lot to look at here as a new bathroom on this floor will considerable change your current loadings.
your structural engineer will need to survey your current arrangement and will be able to provide you calculations and fixing detail as to what your new arrangement should be.
Good luck with your project.


Answered 8th Jul 2019

As above.....too many unknown factors.
May also require a party wall agreement if the wall is shared.


Answered 11th Jul 2019

The answer you have is a bit belt and braces. But is technically correct. And without physically looking at the existing layout it's not advisible for me to give a clear answer


Answered 15th Jul 2019

Completely agree with Chris Ellises advice definitely the correct way to approach this project.


Answered 19th Jul 2019

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