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I'm looking for quite a bit of work doing on my home, which includes taking walls down and fitting new stairs and a new French door, I'd like all the old wood work changing and the walls plastering if required once the work has been done, my questions is what realistic timescale am I looking at to do this type of work and will myself, my daughter and 2 small children be able to stay in the house while it being done?
Thanks in advance

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Hi Tracy,
It sounds like you are doing a large alteration/renovation project.
your building team will advise you as to the duration of your project once they have surveyed and planned it, but for the bulk of the structural works it would be too risky for you and your family to be living in a house that has missing floors, walls and stairs and that's without the health risk posed by the dust the works will generate.
I would imagine that your builders and your insurance company would stipulate that you moved out of the house whilst the riskier structural activities were taking place.
Good luck with your project.
Speak soon


Answered 8th Jul 2019

I would estimate a time scale from 10-12weeks. I think it'll be best if the property is vacant, to avoid the children from any risks, dust or smell. Regards Rio


Answered 8th Jul 2019

Yes as above best to move out over the build period, not included would be the stress factor , which will play a part ,


Answered 26th Jul 2019

Definitely house needs to be vacant whilst this type of work is carried out purely for the risk factor children or no children.


Answered 1st Aug 2019

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