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Hi, I've just bought a house and want to seal the chimney. The house is brand new and never lived in, has 2 fire places and neither has ever been used. I want to cap the chimney and seal the fireplace opening into the rooms (Plastered wall). Does this require a vent into the room and for the cap to be vented as well. I was recommended a chimney cap that seals the chimney fully and doesn't allow any air past it. What the best approach?

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Hi Darragh
Its is against Doc J of the building regs to seal off a flue as this can cause damp. I would advise you use a C Cap cowl which will sit on top your pot. This will cap off the flue but will allow a trickle of air to pass. C Caps also have an insect mesh to stop pests entering the stack/flue.
In the room where the redundant fireplace is sited I'd recommend a vent be fitted.
Failure to comply with reg may invalidate your NCHBC cert?

Good luck with the project


Answered 8th Jul 2019

You have to fit a. Elephants foot on to the chimney pot for ventilation and a wall vent at the bottom for maximum air flow .this is the correct method .andrew


Answered 8th Jul 2019

Chimney caps are about £20 . If this is used it will abe to breath. So can plaster inside the room. A small vent is better in room.


Answered 9th Jul 2019

There are so many rules and regulations that cause more problems than enough
If a fire place is not installed does this mean the house is Inhabitable, for people to live in most new houses have cavity walls packed with insulation why


Answered 22nd Jul 2019

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