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Sagging floor, who should i call to inspect reason?

Landing floor on first floor of my house is sagging.
Who should I call to perform an inspection on the reason why it is sagging?

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I would call a experienced builder or joiner it could be caused by a damaged joist or damp over a long period of time can cause joists to lose there strength and crumble away hope this helps


Answered 7th Jul 2019

Call a carpenter. A joiner is a tradesman that makes windows, doors and staircases etc in a joiners workshop a carpenter takes care of all site based work.


Answered 7th Jul 2019

You need a experienced carpenter to give you advice
Depending on his view you may need a structural engineer to have a look


Answered 7th Jul 2019

An experienced carpenter who is well versed on the 1st fix work in house building would know where to look for the problem.


Answered 9th Jul 2019

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