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Fitting new skirting

Hi I've had my downstairs front room plastered. I've removed all old skirting, and room was replastered. I've also removed laminate flooring. Currently room is all plastered and floor is open concrete. Now I intend to have nice thick carpets. I am looking to inst skirting myself however I am not sure how high from the floor I should fit them. What length
gap if any do I leave from floor to skirting?
I am aware carpet fitters leave a certain gap from skirting when laying grippers but my concern was the height from floor to skirting. I understand underlay and carpet will take a few mm off the skirting height. I don't want the skirting to look to short.
Do I leave any gap from floor or do I fit them almost touching the floor?

Many thanks

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There is no need for gap under the skirting. If your floor is level just go straight on top. For the height you can assume 2cm for carpet and underlay and you will be left with visible height. You can get them in different sizes in most shops.


Answered 6th Jul 2019

Fit to the floor


Answered 8th Jul 2019

Fit the skirting to the floor, the floor should be level, but if not eye it through so it is. The carpet fitter should be able to work whilst the skirting is on.


Answered 8th Jul 2019

No gap is required the carpet gripper holds carpet in place


Answered 12th Jul 2019

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