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Reflective mirrored window film on double glazing?

Is it possible to put reflective mirrored window film (self-adhesive) onto double glazed windows? I've heard that doing so will cause the double glazing to crack due to the way the window film reflects the heat being incompatible with double glazed windows.

If this isn't possible will "blackout" film also cause the same issue as "reflective mirrored" film?

I understand that putting window film onto single pane windows is fine though.

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Personally I would use what's called a one way blind it let's light in but you can not see in from outside and I have them very good


Answered 6th Jul 2019

I know that reflective film works on single pane windows such as shops. Usually shop window glass is laminated safety glass. My personal opinion is I've never heard of any film that's been applied to glass whether it be single or double glazed to cause it to break.


Answered 6th Jul 2019

I put mirror film on top sash of double glazed sash window without any problems
Mirror film reflects perfect while still been able to see out from outside


Answered 8th Jul 2019

It is definitely possible to put mirror film on a dgu, I have used it myself with complete success.


Answered 9th Jul 2019

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