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Missing roof felt.

We are selling my late mother in laws semi-detached 2 bed bungalow, built circa 1950s. She purchased with cash in 2007. Survey was clear.
Accepted an offer for £20k less than the asking price for a cash sale.
Buyer has been round with a builder who says there is no roofing felt - only newspaper, so he wants a further £5k reduction.
Has anyone come across missing roof felt before? Sounds dodgy to me.

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A lot of old propertys don't have any roofing felt on them, but adls long as the roof is in good condition and there is no broken/missing tiles or broken/missing cement work then you won't get any leaks.


Answered 5th Jul 2019

really depends on how desperate you are to sell the house,already had 20k of the asking price now your buyer is looking for further discount, if your prepared to hold on to the property and accept this buyer may walk away stand your ground & look for an other buyer.


Answered 6th Jul 2019

Up until 1920-40 no houses had roofing felt
A lot of houses circa 1880-1920 have not got felt.
The only time an issue occurs is if there is a broken tile/slate so it leaks.
Modern felt is great...
Very strong
Doesn’t rot.
5k would seem a reasonable price to strip,felt,batten and tile but I feel people can put too much store by the addition of felt.Its insulation qualities are negligible.


Answered 5th Jul 2019

The anser is Simple usually 50 years ago they were install felt or asfalt but is normally that after 50 years thats mebranes will be look horibble ,and that Buyer he know what he do it


Answered 6th Jul 2019

Its common with this age of property not to have any felt, you've already reduced the asking price by £20,000.
He's taking the mickey


Answered 6th Jul 2019

Some older property’s don’t have felt, if there is no sign of water ingress there’s no need to worry


Answered 17th Sep 2019

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