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Moving a bathroom - bathroom fitter or plumber?

I’m moving my bathroom upstairs in to the room directly above where the bathroom currently is. Do I need a bathroom fitter or a plumber to do so?


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most plumbers can carry out bathroom up grades as we get in other trades as is necessary,get your plumbing done by a qualified plumber,as i have seen the multitude of problems with plumbing created by bathroom fitters who are not plumbers.


Answered 30th Jun 2020

A qualified plumber who specialises in bathroom fitting like ourselves as I would imagine necessary pipes may need to be moved/introduced/connected to new room.


Answered 5th Jul 2019

Most bathroom fitters are Plumbers or at least have some experience. All depends on the person. Best bet, get a plumber to do the first fix and sort out potential pressure problems to the room above and than the fitter to finish.


Answered 5th Jul 2019


you should be able to approach either, but I would recommend contacting a good Bathroom fitter as they tend to carry all the work's out from moving the pipe work, to plastering the wall and tiling.

were as most Plumber just carry out plumbing job's especially if they are gas registered they are normally inedited with that sort of work. but don't get me wrong a plumber can fit you a bathroom suite but they don't do everything start to finish normally, unlike a bathroom fitter.

Hope this help's

kind regards


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Answered 5th Jul 2019

If You are creating a new bathroom you will need a Bathroom fitter.
A plumber may not be a bathroom fitter however a bathroom fitter will be a plumber and will also be skilled in other trades.

Always check for qualifications and certification before committing to anything and ask to see examples of their work and speak to some of their recent clients.
Any capable fitter will have happy customers who will give feedback about them, don't accept a few pictures on a phone as proof of good work.

Good luck with your project



Answered 5th Jul 2019

Bathroom fitter or plumber both should be experienced,

But maybe cheaper in the long run to get a bathroom filter because they will do other trades like
Tiling, plastering, plumbing ect so a price will be all in one

Plumbers will not charge by day rate as for bathroom fitters you can be charged by day rate and have a fixed quote

Good luck and I hope I’ve helped with your question


Answered 5th Jul 2019

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