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Reducing 8.5mm red & black single core into 6mm

I am running 8.5mm cables from MC4 connectors (ending at 4x100w flexi solar panels) back to the Victron MPPT controller. As I understand it, the terminals require 6mm for the purposes of correct fitting. Therefore, what do I need to bridge that 8.5mm into 6mm? I heard the mention of 'tails', but what does this mean? Please enlighten me.

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Personally I have never heard of 8.5 mm cables. 6mm and 10mm yes. Also, by the nature of your question( with all due respect) I would get someone with the right credentials to do it for you.


Answered 4th Jul 2019

I've installed Solar Panels for a number of years now, 4/6mm strings from the invertor will be fine. Having 4 panels, one set of strings (+ & -) will do.


Answered 5th Jul 2019

I'm not specializes in solar panels . However it's all to do what's sort of load going to go through them actual lenght of them and other factors had to be taking in to consideration to work out csa of yours wires , strings or tails . Never heard about 8. 5 mm .


Answered 11th Jul 2019

Agreed with the other answers. My guess is that the OP has measured the diameter of the cables to get to the 8.5mm, instead of knowing the cables CSA. As stated, I’d get someone qualified to do this job and ensure everything is fine.


Answered 18th Jul 2019

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