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im planning to have a single storey extension built to the side of my property, do i need to leave room of a path to the rear of the property ???

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most councils would prefer it if you can leave a gap of 700 - 800mm or so to enable access to the garden. If you have access to the garden by some other means then you should be fine. It is always worth leave a 150mm gap or so at the boundary so that your gutters don't overhang next door's garden/


Answered 1st Mar 2012

as Architecural services have said it is always best to leave a path between houses if you come to sell the property after it my put buyers off if they have to walk around the block to get in to the back


Answered 15th Mar 2012

It's always best to keep at least 1 meter clear from buildings to boundary fence line, for any remedial works /maintenance work if later required.

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Answered 24th Feb 2014

Definitely you need a gap in between the house and fence for any utility and access.


Answered 19th Feb 2020

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