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Wall flue collar

I have noticed that the boiler flue at the side of the property doesn’t have a collar around the pipe it’s the just the pipe with a gap to the brick I have been looking to see if you can get a replacement but am struggling to find the right item

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You can get replacement flue collars from a boiler merchant shop or you can cement it or both. Just make sure its sealed as you don't want the flue fumes going in the house.


Answered 19th Jul 2019

The collars a decrotive feature. As long as you seal the gap with a non combustible material. e.g. sand and cement on the outside plaster on the inside and it should be fine


Answered 3rd Jul 2019

Find out the boiler make ( usually on the front of Boiler ) and you can ask any plumbing shop that does boilers for the flue collar. some come only with the flue pack some can be individual.
if who ever has installed this boiler has left it unsealed like this ( if installed recently ) i would advise a gas engineer attend and check over the boiler and flue to make sure you have no carbon monoxide leaks and the flue is fitted correctly to be on the safe side


Answered 19th Jul 2019

Both are good but the person answering has neglected to say the flue is an important part of the boiler and as such should only be touched by a competent person “eg” gas safe or oil equivalent


Answered 20th Jul 2019

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