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We live in a bungalow with a hip roof built in 1927, and the bungalow is attached by a single-storey extension with a flat roof built in 1978. We are thinking to convert the hip roof to a gable roof and then extend the gable roof further onto the extension, turning the new loft into an ensuite bedroom and a playroom. Does it sound an achievable approach? Any complexity we should take into account? Thanks.

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yes its acheviable ,the complexity is i would advise you find somewhere else to stay during these works 12-16 weeks depending on scope of works internally


Answered 1st Mar 2012

I've done almost the exact same thing for a customer of mine. I agree with the previous post that you should stay elsewhere. With regards to complexity, it will probably have a reasonable amount of steel work to support the new floor structure and existing roof but nothing too complicated.


Answered 1st Mar 2012

Yes its sounds pretty straight forward.
the walls would be built straight up off the existing single storey extension and the pitched roof continued over the new extension


Answered 2nd Mar 2012

Hi, sound's like a good idea, only thing you have to worry about is, would there
be enough room left inside the roof space after insulating to todays standards,
your architect will work this out for you.
Kind regards Paul


Answered 2nd Mar 2012

before you go ahead please get your foottings checked out bungalows donot always have footing deep enough to carry the extra whight of the brick work if foottings are fine work can be compeated in 4 to 6 weeks depending on your specks .if you have enough head room in the loft space the new joist will mbe put in by removing the first 2 rows of tile or slates to your roof and sliding the ne joist in to your loft space ,if there is enough head room to do this there would be no reasion for you to move out the only time there will be any dust will be when the opening is made in the ceiling for your new stairs hope this is of help we have converted around 14 bongalow conversions


Answered 4th Mar 2012

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