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Driveway gravel maintenance

What maintenance does gravel driveways require? Deciding between concrete or gravel driveway, leaning towards gravel but heard that it requires much more maintenance, is it true?

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With a gravel driveway yes there is more maintenance I.e the menbrain doesn’t last that long so weeds we start coming through and with a gravel drive can collect Mud between the stone so weeds can grow from the top.
Concrete is easy to look after just give it a jet wash every now and will stay looking nice.


Answered 1st Jul 2019

Not as much if you use geotextile but concrete is better


Answered 1st Jul 2019

Concrete is better less maintenance


Answered 3rd Jul 2019

If you use terram1000 membrane it lasts forever a minimum of 2 inches of gravel and nothing will grow total maintenance free I’ve done about 20 properties using this method dating back to 1999 and no problems whatsoever


Answered 3rd Jul 2019

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