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Strippint paint off an internal wall

Any suggestions of a good product to strip paint off an internal wall? I have mould coming through the existing paint, which I've tried treating several times but it keeps coming back: the cause is condensation. I'm guessing I need to strip the paint and treat the plaster underneath then apply a mould resistent paint.

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Hi, no you dont have to strip the paint from the wall, first you need to stop the condensation either by leaving a window slightly open or installing an air brick, something to allow air flow anyway, then wash the affected area with warm water with bleach in it this will pull any spores of mould out, it may still look like its still there this is because its stained the emulsion, when dry you need to paint on an oil based primer sealer with an anti fungicide in it (available at most d.i.y chains), a couple of coats should do it then when thats dry thoroughly give it a light rub down to provide a key for the emulsion to dry on, though it will take a while for the emulsion to dry.
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Answered 2nd Mar 2012

Efflorescence of salts. mould/damp/chalky substance in walls or brick.So many treatments can be applied .my advise would be to give walls a good sand to take back all the layers of paint and stain block you have applied.using bleach dose not kill the mould spores.It will come back !!! I have used so many stain blocks
over the years to treat water stains /mould /damp/lime . and the best so far is
mathys durbocem. I used this to seal a damp and mould ridden basement it will dry in a white matt finish and it works. you still need to find the cause of condensation and fix the problem area. Good Luck Lee


Answered 8th Mar 2012

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