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Mdf surround /supposed to be wood ,

Been duped by joiner had mdf fire surround on stone plinth , said he enclose stone plinth with mdf as stone plinth uneven ,but now unable to enclose as says he cant do it ,any ideas ?

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I can’t really tell what the problem is by that description


Answered 1st Jul 2019

depends on wot you want to do with fire, do you want to light fire, if so all has to come off, all mdf, you can by a stone surround for £300 and £200 to fit. if not lit just a light or storage, paint as see fit. my be just put a chimney balloon up chimney for winter .take out for summer.
mark innes .
innes construction.


Answered 1st Jul 2019

Could you take a photo this will help

I personally would not use MDF around a fire place if I was constructing a fire place it would be stone & Oak


Answered 1st Jul 2019

The mdf hearth is not something you can do as it is a combustible material...
The hearth needs to be suitable material ie- stone/marble/tiles.. and there is a specific minimum size and depth and thickness to keep to regulations and mdf is not a good material to do it with as it may possibly catch fire.
So please do not use the MDF....!
Thanks Gary.
Gs Gas Services.


Answered 18th Jul 2019

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