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Loft stuck problem

I have problem with the loft being stuck shut, what happened was then I pull down the pull down ring it popped out of the hole, how I cannot get into the loft at all.
I need help how to solve this or who to contact to fix this

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Sounds like the ring has some how become loose in it’s hole. Try screwing it back in further (it should have a course thread on it) and see if that holds. If the hole has worn too large you could drill another one close by to re-attach the ring more firmly.

You should be able to open the hatch by prying it open with a large screwdriver or paint scraper. Be careful not to damage the frame and architrave as you lever it down enough to get your fingers in.

Also obviously be careful if you are doing this whilst up a ladder. I wouldn’t want you to fall whilst taking my advice. If you are at all unsure get a capable friend or family member to do it for you.


Answered 30th Jun 2019

I believe those ring-pulls just operate a fairly standard latch which mates with the frame around your hatch. With some light pressure applied up on the hatch, so that there is no load on the latch, try to get hold of the ring with priers and try again. It thats not possible you will have to ( still whilst applying some pressure) prize something up the gap between the door and frame to try to push the bolt of the latch back against its spring, in the door. If all else fails, grind through the hinges or bust / cut a hole in the hatch. Or call a locksmith which would probably do such things with a bit more experience behind him :-)


Answered 30th Jun 2019

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