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Question regarding acceptable quality.

Just got home to our new window insulation.

UpVc Brown exterior and white interior. 8 windows (4 large 3 medium 1 small) and 1 composite door.

Faults door has chip in the exterior frame pea

Nearly every window has pea sized chips in the frame.
One window has 4 inch gouge

All chips have white upvc visible.

Fitter has told me this is normal down to manufacturing and a manufacturing pen will sort it out. Is this acceptable?

Also nearly every corner of the exteriors have been painted so there’s lots of different colour patches.

And a lot of the angles don’t align but again was told this is in tolerance.

Not sure what to do feels like I’ve been given second hand windows.

New. Part b.
The more I look the more I’m finding.
Brand new composite door glass has a smoky look to it tried cleaning it, no change.

Regarding the exterior brown joins in the frame every one looks like it’s been painted over. Is this the norm?

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This is not down to manufactures. Probably damage by fitting or transit


Answered 29th Jun 2019

This totally unacceptable. You have paid lots of money for the frames. A woodgrain on white effect is very fragile i do agree. But the manufacturer and fitter must take far more care in the handling of your product. Demand full replacements


Answered 29th Jun 2019

Don’t fit the windows


Answered 30th Jun 2019

No it’s not acceptable and just you can use a pen but in the long the pen cover paint will fade you have faulty profile tell them you want windows replaced


Answered 30th Jun 2019

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