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Removing espag mechanism?!

Hi there,

The ‘gearbox’ in one of my windows has broken. Have taken the handle off and can see the broken bit, but can’t get to it as I can’t seem to get the mechanism out.
I would expect to see a few screws holding the ‘bar’ to the window, but there are only the pegs that locate into the frame for locking. When I rotate these they don’t unscrew, just turn on eccentric cams for adjustment. How can I get this mechanism out?!



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hi Tom
is it possible for you to send a picture then I'll be able to look at it and let you know how to remove the gear box
kind regards
thanks for the picture . the screws for taking the mechanism out are hidden. if you left the mushroom up or down and look at the hole above and below you will see the screws
if you find it hard move the mushroom tap it gently with a rubber mallet


Answered 29th Jun 2019

Hi there,
In my experience sometimes mechanisms can need a little 'persuasian'... A great tip depending on the mechanism is to remove the glass, and you will possibly see the back side of the gearbox itself. With the glass out you can tap this with a rubber mallet which in turn releases it from its casing, enabling you to take the mechanism out. I hope this helps. If there is a brand on the mechanism this would also help solve your issue as there are many different types.
Many Thanks
Crystal Clear.


Answered 1st Jul 2019

As above, also the gearbox will not pull free from the sash with the handle located as the spindle will hold the mech in place.


Answered 30th Jun 2019

Unable to answer as I'm unable to see a picture of said.


Answered 4th Jul 2019

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