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Pay schedule. what is reasonable / standard

I want to convert a steading, all paper work is done including building warrant etc.
I have asked a builder to pick and point walls, make door and window openings etc.
Under-pin according to drawings , make internal drains , dpm course , floor slab.
This being a big steading i understand it will be difficult to give an exact span but to give no time span at all makes me a bit doubtful.
The payment schedule is to pay every 10 days. ( so i pay even when they are not working ? What if weather does not permit to work, we are in scotland)

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Sit down with the client/contractor and come up with a contract schedule and payment schedule that suits all parties , arrange for all external works to be carrried our in fair weather and internal works during poor weather .


Answered 28th Jun 2019

On contracts like this it is always best to agree a work plan with the builder before work commences ie work to be carried out in stages and money only to be paid on satisfactory completion of each stage, this way the builder will put extra effort into having the work completed on time and you have the satisfaction of knowing work will be done satisfactory before you have paid.


Answered 28th Jun 2019

get a final quote from the builder and only pay when the stage is completed and you are satisfied


Answered 30th Jun 2019

That is a reasonable answer but I prefer to list & agree specific stages for payment based on work carried out. A simple list of the main items and a value to each will make it easier to see what proportion of the work is done. (eg If he's done half of the pointing, pay him for half of the pointing!) Keep some money in hand and only pay the final amount when the work is complete. Always bear in mind what money you will have left to pay someone to finish the job should the current builder not do it for any reason.


Answered 3rd Jul 2019

You should agree payments based upon measured work completed ( ie you are paying for what has been done ) NOT every 10 days.


Answered 24th Jul 2019

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