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Appologies for my spelling Hi i have a problem (i think it is rising damp) i moved in to a property september last year and there was a little damp in the bedroom the land lord said that this wasdue to putting the plastering on too quick but now it has gotten worse every room in the flat now has damp and it it approx 1 foot from the ceiling (8 ft celinins )ive contacted my land lord and he has given me a few dehumidafiers (in december 2011) and its not working what can i do as now i am getting an infestation of flys and so is the upstairs flat please help at my whits end

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no help on ere ,this is not something that can be sorted with dehumidifiers ect,Get your landlord to post the job on this site ans spend some money to take proper care of his/her tenants,damp can cause health/breathing problems especially with kids,its up to him to sort for you,its not a diy fix im afraid.good luck


Answered 29th Feb 2012

Get out, your landlord will be well aware of the issue, he probably painted over to rent property. Get you deposit and find somewhere better


Answered 29th Feb 2012

Agree with substructure.Get the tight arse to sort it out properly.If he has any morals at all,the well being of his tenants should come before money.After all,if you were to move out no one in their right mind would move in.Its in his interests to maintain his property.


Answered 29th Feb 2012

ring environmental section of your local council, they will send an inspector to lok at it then contact your landlord requesting him to slve the problem. If he doesnt they have the power to take him to court etc.


Answered 5th Mar 2012

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